An Original Acrylic and Oil Design Turned Into A Repper Pattern

I love playing with abstract art, original art and patterns using symmetry tools in Procreate. I have so much fun creating interesting designs and then taking them even further with Repper. Here’s a recent design. Not exactly sure what I will do with this yet, but loving it all the same.


Wow, real 90’s vibes on this one!

I always like seeing people use the seamed tilings, which I think are under-appreciated because they’re harder to work with. The edge blend (did you use it subtly here?) and border effects can help a lot to make the edges more subtle or even a feature of the design.

Thanks for your kind words, Wouter. I quite like some of the seamed tilings. The ones that seem to work best with my designs are jester, centipede, bon-bon. I don’t think I used any edge blend or border effects with this one. I do quite a bit of the work creating original designs that cannot be found anywhere else and then run through Repper to see what magic can be created. By the way, I love the two new seamless tilings you’ve added (Persian and Bloom). Can’t wait to see even more if they are in the pipeline! Love Repper so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: