Announcing: Pattern Collection Challenge (+ Awesome Prizes!)

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Hi there my dear friends!

Last month I posted a video on how the pros combine patterns into well-rounded collections. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you watch the video to boost your pattern-combining skills.

Now, it is your turn to create a beautiful pattern collection! Share it on the competition’s submissions topic and maybe you will win one of the prizes!

The challenge

Create a set of patterns to form a well-rounded collection of up to 8 patterns. It’s up to you to decide if you want to create a collection of patterns with soft and gentle colors or something with high contrast and saturation. A highly detailed or minimalistic look? It’s entirely up to you to create patterns to your personal taste and style.

Here’s a quick summary of the tips from our recent Combining patterns video:

  • Use color consistently across the patterns
  • Distinguish between hero, secondary, and blender patterns
  • Consider the amount of variety in shape, texture, and concept in the collection. You always want some variety, but be careful not to try to do too much within one collection.

How to submit

  1. Jump into Repper and have fun creating patterns!
  2. Work towards a coherent collection of lovely patterns.
  3. Combine your patterns into a single image to present your collection (Don’t know how to do this? Feel free to use our Canva collection template)
  4. Optional: Create a mockup showing some or all patterns coming together (this is in additional to the collection image and not required)
  5. Go to the submissions topic and post your collection there! Feel free to add a (short) description about your collection, like what you were aiming for or suggested application areas.

The Reward

There will be two winners for a $150 Zazzle Voucher:

  • By jury: Chosen by us after careful deliberation :slight_smile:
  • By public vote: Whoever gets the most likes on their submission :two_hearts:

And of course, everyone wins a fun competition and exposure :wink:

After the deadline, we will release a video on YouTube in which we will be evaluating a selection of the submissions and announce the winners.

The deadline

Deadline is the 31st of January (yes, 2024). You are allowed to submit one (uno, un, één, eins) collection! The public vote (=the likes from others on submissions) will be closed two weeks later, on the 14th of February.

That’s all! Get your creativity flowing and happy patterning! We look forward to seeing your designs!


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