Calling Creatives in the UK

Dear Creatives in the UK,

My name is Arthur Baradzanwa Mataruse Creative Director of mbatya, a Zimbabwean clothing brand passionate about cultural storytelling through fashion. mbatya is seeking a registered UK entity to collaborate with on a grant proposal for the British Council.

About mbatya:

  • We design and produce ethically-made clothing featuring unique fabric patterns inspired by Zimbabwean heritage.
  • We’re passionate about promoting cultural exchange and appreciation through fashion.

The British Council offers grants for collaborative creative projects between artists/organisations from select countries and the UK. We believe this presents a fantastic opportunity to showcase Zimbabwean fashion alongside UK talent.

We envision this collaboration encompassing a project that might include:

  • A co-designed collection or capsule wardrobe reflecting both cultures.
  • A joint exhibition showcasing the creative process and final pieces.
  • Educational workshops or talks fostering cultural understanding through fashion design.

We Are Looking For:

  • A registered UK entity in the creative field (fashion design, textiles, cultural exchange)
  • Organisations with a similar passion for cultural storytelling and ethical practices.
  • Collaborative and enthusiastic partners excited about exploring new ideas.

If you’re a UK-based organisation interested in exploring this collaboration, we’d love to hear from you! Please inbox me outlining your in this this potential project and we can take the conversation from there.

Together, let’s create something truly unique and celebrate cultural exchange through fashion!


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@Baradzanwa_Mataruse That sounds like a great initiative! Bridging places and cultures, connected in their love for pattern and fashion design :purple_heart: Let’s see how many people we’ve got here from the UK :grinning:

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Here are 2 kaftan tops mbatya did in 2023 with patterns designed by Zimbabwean pattern makers @Chjaa_ent (Instagram)