Droste Effect tests

I’ve been playing around with some Droste-like effects. The Droste effect was popularized by the Dutch Droste company, they created a package for their cocoa product featuring a lady that was holding the package itself, with a lady on it holding the package, etc.

The Dutch artist M.C. Escher, a hero of mine and the creator of many mind-bending artworks created a variation of the Droste effect where you have a man looking at a picture of a town with a gallery with a man looking at a picture, etc…


That brings us to Repper: I’m looking for ways to implement this effect in Repper. I’m not sure if it’s going to make it to the release version, but it’s sure fun to play with!

Here are some examples:

droste dots

More to come!


I was actually just using this droste-like source image in Repper yesterday for the first time…


Hey Svartr, really nice! I’m curious what you come up with using this in Repper.

Hey Alex, thanks!
This pattern was born from the above source:



Hey @Alexander, a Droste effect like @Svartr shows here with any amount of “sides” per revolution… would that be possible? :thinking::blush:

Really cool!! Love the use of the circular metamorphosis

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OMG - I would love a Drost effect. I had a stand alone

Drost effect app over 15 years ago and I loved it. Unfortunately it went away as I upgraded computers and it would no longer work.

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Wow, @beachcottage, very cool example!

having this integrated will be fun. up until its released when i need Droste, i go immediately to https://www.photospiralysis.com/
the iphone app gets lots of fun use from me, despite my lack of actually using the outputs for anything …
i had a conceptual piece which has since mutated far beyond its original form, in which the existential chicken or the egg question had been reframed to give us a chance to explore exactly who’s space are the space invaders invading?.. are the white invaders positive space on a black field, but aren’t the black invaders on a white space also positive, being the subject of focus? white space is negative space, and black space is possibly superdense beyond comprehension, really deep stuff there, keeps me up at night. who’s zoomin’ who here? maybe we are the space invaders afterall… also, this app features several modes to fiddle with, heaps of very specific controls and parameters and a decent output quality kept this app on my phone while many substandard visual one trick pony apps have since been forgotten completely.