Exporting ...aaand... then nothing

ok, it keeps happening.
i resize the image, to avoid upscaling. even though thats what i want.
figured thats why its not exporting. … so.
i reduce size, increase repeat, and export that… nothing.
zoom out some more , no alerts , export, still nothing.

Firefox 121.0 up to date.
any tips?

so this is the last export that i thought had worked, but went to restart browser and im left with this , hanging looking completed but not completed.
trying to browse to the folder, crashed windows explorer.
something is fishy.

unknown time left

full reboot, system scan, running smoothly, ,got a couple exports to work, and , back to the same issue again.

From what I can see the image size is too big. When you go to export the image, make sure it is the correct size for the project you are creating. There is no need to make it huge & then readjust it for other projects, just download each size that you want. Also, make sure that the original DPI is high enough to be able to change sizes.
If you send me a Tile for the image, I’ll see if I can create the same error & find out what is happening?

well, I’ve been exporting images that size since I started using a repper without a problem. what ended up happening is that like 11 or 12 times I tried it. The export did not pop up with the save dialogue, so at one point a little later all of them came up at once, and I was able to save all of the exports I wanted - and have a screenshot of that, but I am creating a variety of different things and the large file size is necessary, because I’m zooming in and out creating scaled images for a variety of reasons. The zoomed in parts of these huge images are valid on their own as seeds for AI generation, and as a whole size image, I can get the results I want for my full print clothing designs, and I’m creating a printed images that I am decoupageing onto a variety of objects, and also screen recording the Dream mode and making videos for my YouTube content.
i’ve been having fire fox crash on me in a variety of ways recently and I went back and removed all the extensions I had recently added to the browser. And it’s still happening so there’s some other reason and it may be that I have too many tabs open or that I need more memory to be handling the large exports but I’m getting the exports and they are huge and they look great. Just they all happen to come in at once today.

OK, understand your reasoning for large file.
What is the size of your system?
It also might be the App online that is also having issues trying to keep up with you & the large file saves. If you can imagine how many people are using the App at any one time, that might be the reason.
I don’t use Firefox, as Chrome is more stable; can you change Browsers & see if that helps? Strange things always happen when Bowsers do updates, so perhaps Repper hasn’t caught up yet.
Has Wouter come back with any suggestions yet?

i suppose it could just be system lag on the server end.
ive got bing popping off randomly on this machine, gpu glitching on my other one,
ive had chrome, i might try it again sometime… normally firefox works fine for me. just seems like ive been challenged in every way with all the different software and settings etc. adding an additonal browser just to see if it is any better is a time vortex i dont have space for right now.
some of the larger exports are perfect for high resolution needs, puzzles and shirts for example, havent printed any out on paper yet but thats next.
anyways, heres some stuff coming out of repper i love. thanks for your help, i will keep looking into it and report back. never had it lag like that before.

all is well

ive figured a couple more things out , and i have a couple suggestions ill try to find the right place to put them.

Hi @orangebrainunlimited, sorry to hear you ran into some trouble exporting. @peaches1001 thanks for pitching in with suggestions!

It sounds like it’s working for you now, which is great! Would you mind sharing what fixed it?

Exporting can fail for bunch of reasons.

For example, Repper has been tested up to 35,000 x 35,000 pixels (that’s a gigapixel :exploding_head:), but the browser or hardware may not be able to handle the size you are wishing to export. If it worked before for similar sizes, that’s unlikely the reason, but sometimes the complexity of the image itself can have an impact on the memory required too.

If it works for a few images and then stops working, a possible reason may be that the cache isn’t being cleared properly after each export. We’ve programmed it to do so, but potential memory leaks may also be caused by bugs in the browser. A good way to test this is to try using another browser.

If you click on “Export” and it takes a long time to get the file dialog, it is likely the browser lagging, as we don’t do any processing beforehand.

What will certainly NOT slow down your export is your internet connection or our server. The reason is that exporting is done all locally on your computer, so as long as the source image is loaded, exporting will work regardless of your connection.

P.S. @orangebrainunlimited love the complex patterns, especially the last one with circular metamorphosis and Penrose tiling!

Also, a tip: while you can post support issues here, we can keep better track of status (and you’ll typically get faster response) when you contact us on support@repper.app :blush:

well, i believe i sometimes push my machines to the limit. running telegram on a major music harvest mission, and goddess knows how many tabs i have open, likely moving some files to/from a hd, and fresh off a rampant spree of installing countless vst plugins and instruments and enough audio files to clog a thousand ipods, its always fun over here.
that said, somehow this laptop doesnt ignite in sheer exhaustion after a persistent bashing during an all nighter doing the above list, (did i mention i have another laptop for my other arm doing virtually the same, haha)
what works, is going outside and letting the bits sort themselves out. not pushing export 4 times in a state of excited confusion. manually clearing the cache and rebooting the pc if it starts to smoke,
feeding myself and keeping my multitasking to a minimum, where the cause of individual issues might be isolated and eliminated. Also, it is completely over the top and likely not feasible to use the output files im getting for too many things … for now. But in the last 5 years, weve seen the gigabyte become a snack cracker and the petabyte is just tomorrows breakfast for datavores. So, i’m planning ahead. I fully expect that in a short time, my 300mb exports will be but a tile in the panoramic world i’m building in my imagination.

Its good to know gigapixels are doable, i’m going to see what this little asus can handle. the other one is busy rendering a fractal, for what> no idea.
some of my source images are already hypercomplex collages , so the amount of data can make a jpg bloat like a tif. i broke a personal record yesterday exporting at 3dpi. its gorgeous. from 100 feet away it looks like a grain of sand, hah so it is not that the export function was refusing my demands, i’d guess i need more cores and less coffee.

once my budget allows , im likely either getting a beefier pc or just smash this one full of ram.
If its the browser, then i just have to make a little more room on the old taskbar for chrome and see whats what. if i could somehow keep that just for this sort of process, and not get stuck in bandcamp wormholes on two browsers x 2 laptops + ios and traktor running in the background on my photoshop machine, then my art might get boring.
great to know Repper team planned for folks like me, appreciate the input!

thanks i’m deep in it now. using my collage art as the source of the pattern, sending to ai in segments, remixing the results… or just back and forth turning the patterns to cities and back to geometric line art in a swirl of pixels. quite fun, very distracting. Routinely losing track of hours in paralysis of choice – when to export as its just fun to watch!!.
the screen recordings of Dream mode are accumulating as delicious eye candy that should accompany some of my dj mixes on youtube coming up soon.

and yes , i appreciate the help and explanation, figured i was straining my machine if anything but since you all are so helpful and responsive i started here.
just glad it was resolved simply by walking outdoors for 10 minutes and accepting that my insistent mashing of export may be above my budget for hardware upgrades. :wink: