Exporting Collections

Hi there Repper Team,
I love creating collections and do export as a zip file. However, it is very time consuming having to go through each pattern and clicking the + plus sign for each of them before being able to export all of them as a zip file.
I am wondering if it’s possible to add an option to allow adding all patterns in a custom size and then exporting those in one zip file. This would save having to go through each and every pattern individually, waiting for each of them to load, etc.
Not everyone has a fast internet connection and it would be so much quicker and easier if we could just select all patterns with the click of a button and then export them in one zip file, as one step.
Many thanks for considering this.

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Hi @JulieVee, thanks for sharing your suggestion!

I am not sure if I understand your description entirely. If you use the “Export all snapshots” option, it will export all snapshots in one go at the current export setting, no need for adding any snapshots to the export (in fact, at the moment there is no way to pick specific snapshots, it’s one or all).

Maybe I’m misinterpreting you. Could you describe the steps in more detail, or include a screenshot?

Hi Wouter,
Sorry if I did not explain it clearly. Here’s what I mean about adding all selections to a collection prior to exporting.
1.Create a new collection and upload an image for it.
2.Go the patterns and add “all of them” with one click (this is not currently available).
3.Click Custom and select a size, e.g. 2000x2000 pixels.
4.Export all snapshots.

Wouter, step 2 is what I’d love to see added, where we can add all possible patterns, including seamless and tile, once we view a pattern we like, e.g. move the mouse around until we find a pattern we like using the first seamless pattern. Then have the ability to click an option to add “All patterns” to the collection, so they can be downloaded.
At present, I have to click each individual pattern to add it to the collection by clicking + which takes a lot of time.
Hope this explains it better.

@JulieVee, I see now what you mean about “adding all tilings at once”.

The way the snapshots in Repper work, is that you first make the design, then save it as a snapshot. You cannot edit snapshots once you’ve made them. Instead you can click on a snapshot, make changes, and save it as a new snapshot (optionally deleting your original snapshot).

We’ve actually tried it the other way around (create a snapshot and then being able to edit it), but we found ourselves many times accidentally editing existing snapshots where we just wanted to create more variations. While the current setup in which snapshots aren’t editable is a little more rigid, it avoids the worry of losing work, so you can freely play around knowing that anything you save is safe.

For your specific use case, I would suggest doing the following:

  1. Create a new collection and pick a source image
  2. Set the tiling to the first in the list (Facade)
  3. Drag/resize the selection to create a pattern with this tiling
  4. Save as snapshot by pressing s key (keyboard shortcut)
  5. Go to next tiling by pressing ] key (keyboard shortcut)
  6. Go to step 3 until you’ve had all tilings :slight_smile:

I realise it’s not quite automatic, but the keyboard shortcuts make it a lot faster.