File Is Not Supported


I have a subscription of and I have created many designs in 3D now I wanted to use these patterns in my software which is completed built on Python. I am trying to use these designs but it’s showing- File is not supported, however, I checked the file format and everything is OK but still it’s showing the same problem. I searched about it on Google and came across this Python tutorial article, as per this the format I am using should be available in different extensions/formats that could easily be supported with any third party software.

But I am not able to find that supported file.

Couple anyone help me with the possible solutions.

Hi @annadisuza,

Thanks for your question. I am not sure I fully understand. Are you exporting your patterns as JPEG or PNG and these files aren’t loading into your own software? These are pretty standard file formats that we’ve never had trouble with before. Or are you referring to patterns viewed in the 3D preview? To be clear, we export the 3D preview as an image, not as a 3D file, if that might be the confusion.

Otherwise, please give me a bit more insight into your use case, and I might be able to be of more help.