First day on repper

found repper yesterday and haven’t stopped using it all day. quite fun. using my collage art as source images there’s lots of colors and shapes to explore in the different patterns! seemingly infinite.
i’m figuring out some things , the exporting is tricky i find but i’m about to watch some videos to make sure i’m getting the part of the design i want on the export. some have just come out black. but not these. the metamorphic feature is what got me signed up. i’ll be sending all these through printify to be featured very soon on my bluespectralmonkey - Etsy België

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@orangebrainunlimited Welcome to Repper (and the Repper forum)!

Happy to hear you got sucked into the pattern-making :slight_smile: Yes, the metamorphosis effect is a mesmerising feature. We introduced it 3 years ago and I still use it a lot myself. It’s powerful when used strongly over large surfaces, but also works when applied subtly to create variation within a single theme.

Are you running the app on an iPad? There are some limitations on iOS which means with some source images, exports may turn our black (see this Help Centre article). If you are not on an iPad, feel free to send us an email at and include the source image and the name of the collection the problem is occurring in. I’m happy to have a look.

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