Here’s where I find my source images (for pattern design)

Hi there my dear friends. Today we are releasing a video about where to find great source images. I hope you’ll have fun watching this video, and play around with all the different options yourself! Got any questions or suggestions, or did you make some beautiful creations inspired by this video? Let us know! I’m also curious to hear which style or tip you find the most inspiring! :slight_smile:

Here’s the video:

Have fun and happy patterning everyone! :blush:


I love all your examples, @Michel_Repper! So many creative and inspiring designs :ok_hand:

Thank you, Michel. Lots of great ideas here. Lately, I’ve been working with my own drawings and designs. Since it’s so easy to do, there’s really no need to have to go to someone else’s images to create a pattern from. Just a few simple lines or blocks of color is really all you need, and in some cases, the more simple, the better.

Repper is just one of the greatest apps ever created!!!

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Wow, that’s quite a statement, you make me blush :blush:
Yes, I also think that simple source images often are the best basis for patterns.

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