How to Save a Snapshot - Ran Out of Room in Collection

Hi @Wouter and Community:

I was in a Collection and DID NOT realize that I had created the maximum amount of Snapshots.

I created an additional Snapshot and love it. But I CANNOT save it, as I have already maxed out the snapshot limit in the collection.

I did download the tile and the surface pattern, so as not to lose it completely.

BUT… Is there a way to save it to a collection more permanently in Repper?

I am on Windows 10 Pro and was using Chrome, but I don’t think that any of that matter in case!

Thanks in advance.

Roz Fruchtman

Hi Roz!

We added a limit of 100 snapshots per collection after we noticed people were experiencing performance issues due to many hundreds of snapshots in a single collection. I realise it’s annoying to have a hard limit and maybe we should have a warning as you reach the limit. We really just put it in to avoid people from getting performance issues and not knowing why! You can have as many collections as you want, so there is also no limit of designs you can save.

Now to the specific question of how to deal with the case of having a nice design and realising you have just hit the limit in your collection:

There is a way to still save it, but I understand it’s not obvious. If you go to the overview of your current collection (click the “4-block grid” icon in the left sidebar), then you can make space for the new design as still save it. You can either delete one of the existing 100 snapshots or you can move one of them to another collection (even make a new collection and move it there). Then return to your editor and save the design in the new available spot.

You can find more details about how to manage collections in our Help Centre article about it.

I realise it is not the most elegant solution, but at least it works! It’s because you are such a prolific pattern designer that you actually discover these limits that few others do :wink:

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Hi @Wouter - You are so kind…

Well the 4-block grid did help to removed a few of the images. But when I came back, the image I was trying to save was gone. I DID download the surface and the tile AGAIN before I started with the 4-block grid! Not sure what I did, but when I came back, the new surface pattern was gone.

What do you think I could have done wrong?

I did go the 4-grib block as you instructed. I scrolled and removed the few patterns that was either dups or that I had better versions of in the collection. Then I clicked on the 4-grid block again and returned to pattern editing screen, but the pattern on the screen was NOT the NEW pattern that was not saved yet!

As alwsys… Thanks for your help! ~Roz

By the way…
It would be great IF there was a warning of some kind that we were reaching the max saved point in the collection! :wink:

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@RozFruchtman Hmm, I see what you mean. It’s possible that we have an obscure bug/unexpected behaviour here, that we simply haven’t run into before. I’ll have a look at it.

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I think having a warning pop up that you have 3 or 5 snapshots available is an excellent idea. I too have run into this problem and solved it the way you suggest but it would be nice to not have to interrupt my workflow by leaving, deleting and coming back. There have been times I’ve return and things have moved inadvertently. :slight_smile:

When I came back the other night my pattern DID disappear, but I DID download it BEFORE I did the 4-grid thing and started deleting. So in the end, I did NOT lose my pattern. I download in both tile and surface!

By the way… I think the idea of having a warning that you are about to run out of SAVING ability… Would be super cool and VERY helpful!