Hey Everyone,

It is kinda crazy that it is NOT possible to have an F11 function with Full screen only.

There is ALWAYS the left side visibility and the little right bottom {ctrl P} block.

If i want to record something or visualize for me or others, there are always these ugly sidebar and ctrl P in the visibility. So i have to decrease browser to minimum of 25% and increase the screen to 103% (makes it more blurry) to have it gone. This gives a bad quality.

It should be simple to have sidebars etc gone when hitting F11…

  • Also, a manual change of the block selection numbers (typing the numbers) would be great to easily come back to something what worked in the past. (or other reasons)
    → Pattern → image size and Tile Size…
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full screen would be a nice option but until then you can always set your screen recorder to record only a certain portion of the screen eliminating any unwanted elements.

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Hi @GruttePier,

Thanks for your suggestions!

I think the full screen idea is a good one. I designed it so that you could review your patterns without any UI, while still being able to switch between your designs. I have an idea about how to keep that option while still giving you the undisturbed view of just a pattern and nothing more… I hope to have some time in the near future to build it and see if the idea works :slight_smile:

Block selection number → I am not sure what you mean here. Are you referring to an option in export to save your export settings, or a way to manually enter the size of the sample selection in the pattern editor? Could you provide a bit more detailed description of what you are trying to achieve / how you would use it?

Thank you!

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Hey Wouter,
Thnx for the answer. Yes it would be great to have the possibility to change the numbers with a keyboard. (see image attached) When I make patterns or other things, I always like to find the “greatest” and the “best” design. I move around with the “vergrootglas”, make the “vergrootglas” smaller, different size, zoom in and out, to come to the best graphics. When I find something, I write down the numbers to not lose a good idea. But lots of time it’s hard and painstakingly difficult to get the same square, rectangular. So writing down and go back to what I have found with typing with the keyboard would be great. Maybe in the “far near future” (:grinning:) it might be great to save these settings alswell. For my projects I always seem to come back to the roughly same settings and mirrors.

repper issue 2

The UI without and disturbing navigation and setting panels would be awesome! Cant wait fo that!

Thank you like always for your time and kindness!


Hi Veronica,
Yes possible, but I try to record in 4k. When your screen is 4k and you record in 4k, but you have to take some edges off because of the visibility of the UI, it "disturbs the 4k video and I lose significant quality. But I agree that it is a temp solution.

Thank you for the response and I hope you have great fun with Repper!

“Grutte Pier”

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