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Welcome @Bernardus!

Alexander and I actually never thought of the colouring book use case until we heard about it from our users :slight_smile: When we did, our video friend @Michel_Repper made a video about it:

There are some more videos on YouTube about using Repper to make colouring books, my personal favourite is from Mey Aroyo:

Hope these are helpful to you. Great you’re starting a thread on questions around colouring books, because I know there are others in the group who are interested in this too!

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Hello everybody! My name is John and I’m based in Greater Manchester in the UK. Im a retired art and design lecturer and use repper (amongst other tools) as a way of keeping my creative hand in and creating vector elements for bigger projects. I also collage and do multimedia stuff. Check out more on my instagram page



Welcome on the forum @uk_haj! I’ve been following your work for a long time, and I love how you use the intricate vector patterns in larger collages. Living in Scandinavia with it’s minimalist design sense, it’s refreshing to see your bold and detailed designs :blush:

I’m Claire, living in Gatineau Quebec. I was a big fan of the original Repper app which I used to make patterns to creat shallow texture plates for my jewelry making in polymer. Of course, I had to get on board with the new Repper app and all the interesting new tilings and effects. Lately I’ve been really fascinated with the seamed tilings and the new borders.
As well as using the app for texture plates I’ve been having some fun with designing simple stencils for gel printing.I’ve included a photo of some of what I’ve been up to…

Mixed and matched texture plates to make a graphic yet ancient looking veneer.

hclairemaunsell on Instagram if you are curious to see more…

LOVE Repper!
It’s not so obviously used in my work but it’s a really core part of it.


Welcome to the Repper community forum, @Claire_Maunsell! I love it when people use patterns from Repper as an ingredient of a creative process, where often the original pattern becomes but an element in a bigger whole. Also really like that you are using analog techniques together with digital ones. It would be inspirational to see how you do that. If you feel compelled, feel free to take some photos are share the process in our Projects & Showcase section!

Hi everyone. My name is Melonee and I live in California. I have been a user of Repper since the original app and I absolutely love it. I am retired from banking and I use Repper to create patterns for print on demand items and making things for myself. One of my favorite projects that I have created so far has to be some sneakers that I did for myself. I’ll post a picture in the showcase section. Looking forward to seeing what others are doing and being a part of the community.


@creativegal46 welcome! Wow, you were with us when it was still the desktop app? Sometimes I look back to that app and I’m excited to see how far we’ve come, with so many more features but (if I may say so myself) still going strong on keeping the app fun to use.

I saw the sneakers you added, very cool. It wasn’t long ago I saw patterns on sneakers for the first time. Now I want some :smiley:

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Yes. I actually still use the desktop app from time to time as I have not been able to find a tiling in the new app that looks like Funko 2 which is another one of my favorites. I love putting patterns on sneakers and clothing. It gives me a chance to develop my own style.

Good day everyone! My name is Lynne and I’m from the Philippines. :philippines: I’m a science teacher by profession but my talent veered more towards the arts. I came across Repper as I looked online for possible side hustles. I’m still within my 14-day trial and I’m mesmerized with every pattern design I was able to generate. The word ‘awesome’ is definitely an understatement. :smiley:

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Welcome to the community, thanks for your kind words! When you’ve made some designs, feel free to share them in our Projects & Showcase section!

A big hello to all the creatives who may read this. I’m Veronica and I’m an artist/graphic designer and most recently a surface pattern designer creating for print on demand. I got my start in the industry as a scrapbook designer and after 10+ years I needed a more invigorating challenge. I’m loving creating patterns for POD and design resources for others creatives. I use repper to compliment my hand drawn/digitally created patterns and create a well rounded collection. Well that is my intention anyway. The app is a lot of fun and once I’ve created some of my own patterns I upload them to repper and create coordinating patterns from them.

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Hi all! I’m Maggie from Sweden.

Just discovered Repper about a month ago and decided to get it as an christmas gift to myself. Due to health issues I will try to set up some online income revenues so I can work from home, at least part-time, and see how it goes.

The only “complaint” I have about Repper is that it is way too much fun to create new patterns, I should really work through and use the ones I have already made so far before uploading more. But then I have an image with a color combination or texture I want to try out so there I go again… creating another collection. :grin:

Will share some examples in the showcase section later on.

Edited to add that I really appreciated the e-mails with links to videos of how-to do stuff.


i will agree with you there, the pattern creation process is so addictive!
Welcome, and enjoy the creative space

Hello my name is patricia and I had to join the community ti tell you that I love using the repper app to create fabric designs. It makes it easy and fun I hope to make friends here and pursue my dream of becoming an indie surface designer have a great day everyone.