Is it possible to create line art that is continuous and has no breaks?

I want to make quilting patterns. Is it possible to make line art quilting patterns from the designs created in Repper. Must be single lines only and continuous.

Hi @Dennis_Miracle, thanks for your question!

If you want to make single lines, I assume you mean using vector imagery. While Repper can handle SVG files to create vector patterns, any strokes will be converted to fills in the process. This is necessary as Repper uses mirroring in its tiling templates to build the patterns, and without turning the lines into fills they wouldn’t look proper for nearly all patterning purposes. Sadly, this means that if what you are after is strokes, it can’t do that.

Of course, you can create the pattern in Repper and then manually reconstruct strokes from it in other vector software after export, but that may not be what you’re after.

Lastly, even if Repper may not suit your needs to making quilting patterns, you could still use it to design patterns for textile prints to use in the quilting designs :blush:

Thank you for your information and suggestions.
P.S. Did I read on Repper that a mandala feature is coming? I love making mandalas.

@Dennis_Miracle Yes, we’ve been exploring the ways in which Repper could be used for making mandalas, though nothing final or decided yet :slight_smile: Many mandalas out there share a specific way of construction, and I believe we shouldn’t try to replicate exactly that in Repper. Instead, I like to see how the concept of a mandala may express itself in the system we have in Repper, with source images and increasingly complex tilings to turn those into mesmerizing patterns.

Stay tuned. It may be a while, but this is something we are seriously exploring :slight_smile:

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