Jury's Pick & Public's Choice: Pattern Collection Competition Winners!

Hi there my dear friends!

The waiting is finally over! We’ve just launched a brand new video in which me and Wouter will:

  1. Reveal the public vote’s top 3
  2. Share each our personal top 5
  3. Announce the public and jury winners

The diversity of these gorgeous patterns was so inspiring to us :star_struck: We’ll go into detail about what makes them great collections, so it’s inspiration and education in one video! Thanks a lot to everyone who participated and voted on their favorites.

As always I wish you a beautiful day and happy patterning!

P.S. Next week we’ll release a video reviewing all submissions, with lots of tips and tricks on collection design and presentation! So keep an eye out on the forum. :slight_smile:


excellent video! thanks for the insights. I feel like a contestant on Chopped having my dish evaluated by the judges. It’s nice to hear critiques. I will put your wise words to use and see you in the next contest. Congratulations to the winners. but don’t get too comfortable i’m coming for your number 1 spot! muhahahahaah lol


Congrats to the winners!

Thank you so much for the mention of my contribution Wouter! You give a total newbie confidence that I am going in the right direction with my pattern creation.

Hope you will have many more fun stuff like this coming up in the future, this has just sparked me to practise and be even better.

(Sorry for doubleposting, tried to edit post above but it didn’t work.)

Congratulations to the winners​:+1::ok_hand::pray:t2: