New Patchwork Patterns!

A complimenting group of patterns I have been working on. Going for a “cottage core” “shabby chic” vibe. Hope you like them! Link:


Hi Karen,
I like the combination of pattern and colors you chose - thank you for sharing. Followed your link to Redbubble. I’m not quite there yet, but very inspiring. :blush:

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Thanks so much Michelle! I would love to see some of your work, do you have a site?

You’re very welcome. I don’t have a site yet, I boldly entered the collection competition - mine was the one with the fleur de lis pattern in olive greens. That’s my first official debut of my work - LOL. I hope to get up and going by this spring. I appreciate you asking. :grinning: I will definitely post again here on the forum to share once I have something!


I really liked your patterns on the mugs…the shapes in the patterns were really nice!!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

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