New Tilings: Bloom & Circle Saw

We’d like to introduce to you two new tilings: Bloom and Circle Saw. They are related and have much similarity. Both repeat a slice of an image around the center of your hexagonal tile. The Circle Saw tiling has seams, while the Bloom tiling adds an additional mirror down the middle of each slice, to create that really nice seamless effect.


bloom tiling

We love the Bloom tiling for creating circular, flower-like shapes. You can vary the number of repeats with the “Repetitions” slider to go from a hexagonal-shaped pattern to an almost circular pattern.

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 23.30.28

Here are some examples:

Circle Saw

circle saw tiling

When you want to create a radially repeating pattern, but you are ok with visible seams, you can use the Circle Saw tiling. Like the Bloom tiling, it also allows you to change the amount of repetitions.

A little tip: you can also use the borders effect to create some more definition for the slices. Try it out!

As always, we hope you love these new tilings, and happy patterning! :wave: