Patterns made from my paintings and drawings


I’m Nikki I’m a traditional and graphic artist. I make my works on paper and digital. I like to make my works by hand and then enhance them in photoshop. Here are a few works I’ve made in repper during my free trial. You can see more at my IG @ElocinPatterns

I would love to know what you think?


Hi Nikki, welcome to the community :wave:. Thank you for sharing your designs here, I think they look really nice! I especially like the penrose tilings, they are a long time favourite of mine :upside_down_face:.

I’m curious if you could show us the images you used to create these patterns? Did you use your own art as a base for them?

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I love the green flower/fruity design that looks like paint/watercolor! Great use of the Penrose tiling. It reminds me of this pattern collection by Elizabeth Butler.

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Yes, Sure I can show you which of my paintings and drawings. All mine.


Thank you very much. Elizabeth’s works are very nice too. I’ll try using my old watercolor works as well.