[Poll] What should be the next feature?

Hi community, we just released the Borders feature after some months of development. For the next steps, we have some ideas on features and we’d love to get you involved. What feature would you like to have added to Repper next?

  • Mandalas
  • Reduce color effect
  • Rotate selection
  • Export presets
  • More 3D models
  • More tilings
  • Hyperbolic patterns
  • Save dream mode as video

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more vector stuff!!!

Hey John, thanks for your input! Could you be a bit more specific, what kind of vector features would you like to see?

Well, where to start?

  1. most apparent is all the patterns that are available in bitmap, you should work toward making the available to vector. I am very conscious that some tiling and pattern forming would make a small file very big (my repper folder is 45 gig!) but I’m sure you can figure it out. Penrose first please!
  2. Effects - any!
  3. Not just for vectors - but a way of merging and combining different files into hybrid patterns.

That should keep you busy for a year or two.

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It sounds like you know something about the complexity of working with vector :smile: It took @Alexander a crazy amount of time to build the current vector functionality into Repper, handling the countless edge cases vector introduces :grimacing:

yes ican have a 120 meg file from a small vector file I batch slim them with imageoptim great drag drop app which shaves about 45% off a file!

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Can’t wait for mandalas features. I would create many books with them to be sold on various platforms :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your request, @Ionut_Dascalu! :blush: