README: How to ask for help 😊

Got a problem or question about Repper? Find an answer or post a question.

The friendly community and the Repper team will be happy to try and help you on your way!

Here’s the best way to finding a solution:

  1. Your question may already have been answered! Search or browse the Help & Support category to see if someone else already posted your question.
  2. If something isn’t working in Repper, do a few sanity checks first. Restart the app, open it in private browser window, or open it in another browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge). If this resolves the issue, the problem is probably something to do with your browser setup. You can still post the question, but make sure to include your results.
  3. Explain your problem in as much detail as possible. “The app doesn’t work” isn’t helpful :slight_smile: Describe what you were trying to do, what went wrong, and what you did right before it failed. A description is great, a screenshot or screencast even better!

Posting your question or issue in public may help others find an answer too. If you prefer to ask in private, please send an email to instead.