Repper sneakers metamorphosis effect

Here are some shoes that I did using a Repper pattern with the Metamorphosis effect. Any feedback or comments welcome.


Hi @creativegal46, super interesting how you pushed the Metamorphosis effect far to create very distinct looks from “tile to tile” (you can’t even really tell the tiling pattern anymore :blush: ). I think it works really well here, but it may also be fun to experiment with lower strength Metamorphosis effects, where the transitions are more subtle. Anyway, keep up the good-looking work :smiley:

Thanks Wouter. This was originally created as a pattern for some throw pillows. Thank you for your suggestion. Metamorphosis is one of my favorite tilings.

I love this pattern! It looks really cool on the sneakers. :grin: The metamorphosis effect is something I want to explore more.

Thanks George. Yes. I find it a really fun effect to work with.

Love this. Your choice of colours gives this design on sneakers a very “outdoor” vibe. Very cool. :smiley:

Thanks Julie. That pattern was actually made from a photo I took of a small shark in a tank at the Santa Barbara aquarium back in 2015. I was looking for a way to make use of all the photos I had on my camera.

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Thanks for sharing the source for this design. How good is Repper? I also love giving artwork, photos, etc., a new lease on life with this wonderful tool. So many amazing creations just waiting to be made! :slight_smile:

Out of all the tools that I have used for creating patterns, I have found Repper to be the most versatile. Because there are so many options for pattern tiling, I have even been able to take some of my doodling from my Ipad and use it to make some interesting patterns. You can do a lot with just some basic shapes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, that’s a nice-looking design. For me, and maybe what Wouter was alluding to is that the pattern is so nice that I would like to see more of it. As such, because it’s not repeating we are not actually seeing a pattern b ut parts of a pattern in a design that might as well be made up of separate images, why bother making it in Repper. Repper makes designs made up of repeating designs.

I agree, Repper is my number one go to tool for creating patterns as well. I have the most fun designing with Procreate then seeing what Repper can do as an added bonus. I am also exploring classic pattern creation. I plan to combine as many styles as possible for even more unique end results. :slight_smile:

Thanks. This was actually a pattern that I made for a throw pillow and then decided to use on the sneakers. All of my patterns start out as as repeating designs, but then I like to run them through all of the tilings to see what else I might like. I have even used some of the non repeat tilings for certain print on demand products.

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VERY NICE design!! nice shade of blue

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Thanks Tamarra. I tend to use blue in a lot of my designs. It is my favorite color. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, this is a really cool design! I love the color combination and way you used the metamorphosis effect. I was just wondering which P.O.D. company the sneakers are from?

Hi. I used Artsadd. I tried a couple of other POD companies, but didn’t like the sneaker quality, plus the shoes were not as comfortable.


Thanks for the info.