Repper Wood Transfer

This is based on some original art using acrylics and then I have worked with digitally for a certain look and then taken into Repper. :heart: I then transferred image to wood.


That’s really cool! Can you tell us a bit more about how wood transfer works? I’m curious and I’m sure I’m not the only one :smiley:

Sure, would love to share.

I’ve seen various ways to do this with varied results. Most recommend using laser prints on regular printer paper. I do not own a laser printer and so I needed to find a method for using my inkjet printer. Using inkjet prints are not “ideal” but I think I found a way that works for me. I had invested in some economical photo paper (for testing purposes) from Red River Paper company. It’s thin, like copy paper but has a special coating for photo printing. Somehow I think this thin coating really helps in my case. This is not to say regular copy paper will not work but this might vary from printer to printer quality and ink quality and how it will dry into the wet glue.

The process is to layer the transfer glue (Mod Podge) or in my case, Matte Gel Medium, onto the wood surface. Then adhere your image face down onto the wood surface (reverse image in printer if necessary) and then use a card or roller to make sure it is evenly attached to the wood in all areas. You then let it dry well. Can be a few hours but I always let sit overnight. Then wet the paper and rub off paper until you get to a clean image that is dried into the medium. The results may not always be as vivid as original print for various reasons. Laser likely gets better results but I am happy with my process for what it is.

I hope this helps.

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I should add that if you layer with a bit of varnish to end result the colors do pop a bit more.

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