Silk dress & polyester kimono


I’ve used a picture of autumn maple leaves to make these two patterns.

The dress I got printed in silk and zig-zag’d an elastic waist on, but i think I’ll make something less elastic so there are fewer folds that disturb the pattern.

The kimono is printed in soft polyester chiffon and is very nice and airy. I used the Metamorphosis feature and cut the fabric in one big piece, so the pattern is continuous over the shoulders, which really makes the metamorphosis visible.

It’s worth checking if the print is on both sides when making something flowy, where the underside is visible.


Super nice! I can tell by seeing it in person it looks even more impressive. I’m so happy you’re doing these projects :star_struck:.

I’ve seen the full fabric piece for the kimono in person and it’s so fascinating to look at. It looks even better when worn :ok_hand:


Beautiful boho chic! Loving seeing the fabric and the end products. So inspiring.

Lovely pattern i like the colors

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