Snapshot count + Continue in new Collection

Unless I’m missing something, there is no way to see how many snapshots I’ve already taken, or how many I have left. I really would like to see a snapshot count. Honestly, if I had to choose, I’d rather see how many I have left than how many I’ve already taken. But ideally, something like this:
(meaning 75 taken/25 left)

I, like everyone else, I’m sure, get in the zone while creating snapshots. We have no idea how many more snapshots we can save.

Also, a feature where we can continue working in a new collection immediately without 101/102nd design would be awesome. I hate losing that last design I was trying to save.


Hi @Terriology, thanks for your suggestion. I understand that it’s annoying not knowing how many more save slots are left in a collection.

A quick explanation
Initially we had no save limit per collection, but that meant some people were saving many hundreds of patterns in one collection. That was becoming very taxing on their computers, hurting performance when working in those collections. That’s why we added the limit.

Solutions we may consider

  1. Your suggestion: Add a counter to show how many open save slots you have left.
  2. Increasing the limit, for example to 200. This will make it less likely you hit the limit (but we know that many people are fervent pattern collectors :D)
  3. Instead of a hard limit, add a warning after saving X amount. This means you can then decide yourself whether to risk it or not, but at least you hit no wall. You always have the option then to do some collection management (see this video) to split your larger collection into multiple smaller ones, if you wish.
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