SUGGESTION: Ability to Download Our Library of Images

@Wouter … I Have a suggestion…

[SUGGESTION] I think it would be good to be able download our library of images.

We often upload random images to use as our base images or to test as base images to see what would happen IF we used them.

Should we need those images again, we may not and probably will not know where they are, unless we are super organized to put our uploaded-base images in a special folder!

However, I think it would be a good idea anyway… To be able to download our library of images!

Thanks in advance for considering this new feature.

Roz Fruchtman

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Hi @RozFruchtman,
I like the idea! Are you looking to download specific images from the library?
Downloading the whole library in one go could be pretty taxing on our server as well as become a rather big zip file to download!

Hi Wouter:

IF we couldn’t download in one go, then even if we could do one collection at a time. This way we’d have them in case of anything!

Another alternative is to remember to export pattern collections. The thing is… When you export, all images are exported at the same size and repeats. That doesn’t always work, as each pattern is different.

Am I missing something with my theory of exporting collections?


Roz Fruchtman