Suggestion: Make It Easier To Find a Certain Design in Our Collections

Right now, we can make 100 or 101 variations or designs from a single image. The problem is when we’re looking to find a certain one, we have to scroll through all of them in that left column, and it’s hard to find because some of the tiles look the same until you click on them to see the full pattern.

When I download, I name the file folder and then number each of my designs. It would be nice if you could add a numbering system in the left column as we create each design variation. That way, if we don’t download all the designs at one time, we can easily find the ones we haven’t downloaded yet by knowing which number it is. That would make it so much easier to organize if we could find what we’re looking for faster. I’m adding a screenshot so you can see what I mean. Nevermind the one at the top … it would make the dropdown too long.

Any chance of something like this in the future? Thanks so much for listening.


Thanks for sharing this idea, @dpdesigns!

We’ve had a few similar requests over the years and it’s one of the reasons we added the collection view (see below) a while back: to be able to look through the snapshots with sufficient detail to tell small differences.

I think adding numbering on mouse hover over the sidebar could be a nice option to keep track of them. It does mean you have to remember (rather arbitrary) for any specific collection, but I can definitely see it’s better than not having them at all.

Of course, numbers has its limits: when you delete in-between snapshots or resort them, the numbering would change. A more stable solution would be to have the option to name your designs (for example in the collection view) and see those on hover? That of course would ask for more organising efforts, but the labeling at least wouldn’t change.

Curious to hear your (or anyone else’s) thoughts!

That sounds like an even better idea. That way, if we want to incorporate a number system into the title names we can, and those who don’t, wouldn’t have to. I myself, have a hard time coming up with names for abstract designs so I tend to name the collection and add numbers to the various designs within that collection.

Yes, if you guys could do something like that, it would be VERY helpful, I think! Thanks!


I love this idea. I also have trouble coming up with descriptive filenames and think a numbering system would help organize all the individual files in a collection. :slight_smile:

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I will look into this and see if there is a solid solution here!


A little backstory about how we add features

As you may have noticed, compared to some other software companies who are happy to just throw as many features as possible into their app and see what sticks, we tend to be quite deliberate in what we add. That’s because there is also a cost to adding new features: it can often make the app as a whole harder to use, especially for anyone who isn’t a power user. We try to maintain that balance, making the app more and more powerful while not losing the simplicity and fun out of sight. For example, when we added the collection views a while back, we went through many dozens of iterations to find the ideal way of integrating it into our app (I hope people feel we succeeded :sweat_smile:).

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Hi Wouter, always good to know how things are done behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing. You make things that are difficult with many moving parts work so well! Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that as a user of your software.
Again, thanks so much for all you do. :star_struck:


Hi @dpdesigns, I just wanted to let you know that our latest feature, picking and filtering favorites (link) was inspired by this feature discussion!

We tried numbering the designs, which worked okay until you start deleting or re-ordering designs. Then you remembered a number, but maybe a deletion or re-order meant that now a different design had that spot (and thus number) in the list.

At the same time, I was experimenting with an option to pick favorites. This worked well, but once I added filtering by favorites, the numbering solution really started to give confusing results!

So, in the end I decided to drop the numbering and do that favoriting only.

What this feature will solve for you

  • If you have designs that look alike, but there’s a favorite, you can easily find that one now.
  • Exporting also becomes easier, because it can simply only export those you’ve favorited

What this feature won’t yet solve for you

  • If you have a few designs that are similar but all relevant, they are still hard to keep apart
  • There is not another way to keep track of designs beyond the favorite/not-favorite split
  • When exporting, you can’t easily see which pattern you are currently work with

Things we may do in the future

  • Currently, designs do not have a “selected” state when clicked. This is because you cannot edit a design itself: you can make changes and save as a new design. If and when we find an elegant solution for selecting and editing existing designs, keeping track of which one you are exporting will also become easier. (Why do we not have this yet? We tried this and often ended up accidentally making changes to existing designs. So, we first need a solid and intuitive interface solution for this before we can go down this path)
  • Apart from favoriting, you can imagine different kinds of “labels” you could add to design. For example color labels, that you could assign your own meaning too. Mark all your “maybe’s” in yellow, mark all designs for your mug in blue and for the shirt in red, etc.

So, that’s a little background story to our design process and thinking :purple_heart:

If this sparks any ideas or questions, let me know, I’m curious to hear!

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