[New feature] Make Life Easier, Mark Your Favorites

Hi there my dear friend! Are you a pattern lover like me, and got a collection that keeps growing? If so, you’ll appreciate our latest feature: Marking your favorites. With this feature you can easily keep track of your favorite designs, helping you stay organized and inspired.

Besides turning a pattern into a favorite, there are a few really cool applications so make sure to check out our video:

Let me know what you think. Have a beautiful day and happy patterning!


Hi Michel:

I love this new feature of favoriting. NOW we can be more intentional and go through our collections and pull out the ones we love and are of a particular theme.

When the Tiling features were introduced I fell in love with them as I like certain kinds of repetitive patterns for coloring. The Tiling features offers a different kind of patterns. So I have them sprinkled in a bunch of my collections. NOW with this new feature I can pull them out.

The thing is… If we pull out like of a certain pattern theme, and put them in their own collection. Will we still be able to work on them, creating new collections with these images… Because, in the new collection, they will NOT have the image they were created from. Hope this makes sense, I am half asleep, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw your email! :wink:

Thanks in advance!

Roz Fruchtman

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Hi @RozFruchtman!

If you copy (or move) a design from one collection to another, the design stays connected to the source image. This means that you can view and export the copied pattern in the new collection, and you have the option to make changes to it and save it as a new snapshot.

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Thank You @Wouter. This is all so exciting…

I continue to be amazed at all that can be done with Repper. It is my most favorite design app!

Warm regards, ~Roz Fruchtman

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Always welcome, Roz :slight_smile:

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It is just so nice to do things that bring joy, while being productive and creating something beautiful and artsy that can be shared, or even just for ourselves!

I truly love Repper and I appreciate the kindness and fun of the community and the Repper Staff!

All of this is important in today’s times!


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