The Repper Dollhouse

I did a total renovation of this dollhouse for my daughter’s 2 year birthday. Every wall is covered in a unique wallpaper made in Repper. She LOVED it! And little does my husband know, this was a prototype to our actual home, still working on that one though… :wink:


It’s the coolest dollhouse I’ve ever seen and I’m so proud it it’s in our home :smiley:
I don’t know if people notice, but not only is it covered in Repper patterns, it also has little picture frames of our family members on the walls!

Really cool @Carli_Hyland !! That must been quite a lot of work. So nice to see Noortje enjoying it :heart_eyes:

Wow, what a gorgeous way to use Repper! Such a celebration of colour and style. Your daughter is a lucky girl!


That looks so good! I bet she loves it!


Can i be your daughter? I love this!

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Haha, @karensphotoart it turns out our daughter isn’t too much into dolls (instead she’s really into drawing). She doesn’t play too much with it, but is definitely makes her bedroom look cosy.

@Veronica_S, I’m afraid one daughter is about as much as I can handle :sweat_smile:


oh Wow! amazing, beautiful.
Congratulations for a creative mind :slight_smile:

This is really amazing. I really appreciate your dedication and efforts to give it an appealing look.