The Repper Dollhouse

I did a total renovation of this dollhouse for my daughter’s 2 year birthday. Every wall is covered in a unique wallpaper made in Repper. She LOVED it! And little does my husband know, this was a prototype to our actual home, still working on that one though… :wink:


It’s the coolest dollhouse I’ve ever seen and I’m so proud it it’s in our home :smiley:
I don’t know if people notice, but not only is it covered in Repper patterns, it also has little picture frames of our family members on the walls!

Really cool @Carli_Hyland !! That must been quite a lot of work. So nice to see Noortje enjoying it :heart_eyes:

Wow, what a gorgeous way to use Repper! Such a celebration of colour and style. Your daughter is a lucky girl!


That looks so good! I bet she loves it!