Thumbnail and tile not matching, am I missing something?

Usually the thumbnail to the left matches the larger tile image on the right, but not always. Why is that so, there must be something I am missing? Or is it actually an error?

This is how it looks in the other view (which is the same pattern the small thumbnail shows) and it looks correct here.

But in the other view, it looks like this

Not at all the same as the thumbnail to the left, and not the same as in the image above. While this is still fine as a complementary pattern, I am not too concerned but I wonder if there is any setting I am missing?

(Using MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1 and usually Safari (17.4.1).

Any insight would be appreciated.


Hi @MaggieA, thanks for raising this. Let’s see if we can figure out what’s going on…
So are you saying that if you click the first thumbnail in the sidebar, then you see the pattern shown in the main preview area on the right, as shown in your second image?

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Yes, that is correct.

There is another image in the set of five yellow/purple serie that also is not quite the same when viewed as a pattern, that is the cloverfield. So the ones I marked with hearts in this image are not behaving as I would expect.

And this is what the cloverfield looks like in the other view, close but not quite the same…

Edited to add: It works as it should with the Fan and Cloverfield in another image I checked just now, it is not always that this happens. However, I know I wondered about it before (not sure it was these two patterns though) so I have noticed it before these examples.

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@MaggieA, the only thing that comes to mind is perhaps the fixed aspect ratio box is checked below the image you’re using. The fixed aspect ratio is available as an option on some of the tiling patterns and, when it is checked, can change the pattern you see in the tile or surface viewing area on the right. I’ve observed this happening with Pyramid, Honeycomb, Hexagon Grid, Bonbon, Windmill, Cloverfield, Fan, Persian Star, Bloom, and Circle Saw. Based on the tiling pattern you choose, when the fixed aspect ratio box is checked, it might change the selection area of your image, and that would then change the pattern in the tile or surface viewing area on the right. However, I’ve noticed that the saved thumbnail/snapshot on the left would be the same whether or not you check or uncheck the fixed aspect ratio box, even though they represent two different tiling/surface patterns.

@Wouter, is it possible to have the saved thumbnail/snapshot image be the same as the tiling/surface pattern shown on the right when the fixed aspect ratio box is checked?


Yes! That was actually it, the fixed aspect ration button was checked. Once I edited it I got to see the same as the thumbnail to the left.

Since that box it usually checked as default I did not even consider it being the “problem” here. I mean, if I use any of the effects and then save a thumbnail it saves the thumbnail picture with the effects added. I guess I kind of assumed it was the same with that.


@MaggieA, great! I’m glad we got it sorted. I love having the option to check or uncheck the aspect ratio box. I just have to remember that when I see more than one of the same snapshot it represents different patterns and is not necessarily a mistake I made. If Wouter and the Repper team can code the saved thumbnail/snapshot to match the checked fixed aspect ratio box, that would be great! If not, we’ve got it figured out.:blush:


@Rosinda_Anthony That was really well-spotted! I looked further into it and found out exactly when it happens. It is indeed a bug, but only happens in very specific circumstances.

Here’s when the bug occurs:

  1. At some point, you have set the “fixed aspect ratio” to unchecked
  2. You resize the selection box
  3. You check the “fixed aspect ratio” option again
  4. If you now save the pattern you see without moving or resizing the selection, the thumbnail of the saved pattern will be incorrect (it will still assume the “un-fixed” aspect ratio).


  • Even though the thumbnail is incorrect, the saved pattern is in fact saved as shown in the large preview area (I realise this isn’t super helpful, as this means you cannot recognise the pattern by the thumbnail!)
  • As soon as you touch the selection box, it will work again as expected. You can even just click on the selection box, thereby not changing the design, and it will still make it work again as expected.

This is obviously a bug, though so obscure that so for no-one had come across it!
I will pass it on @Alexander, our coding and bug-squashing hero :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, @Wouter! Thanks in advance to @Alexander for your coding and bug-squashing heroism!:blush: