Viewing more snapshots

I have only used Repper for a month or so but what I would like is to see more snapshot images at the same time. Instead of one column of snapshots on the left side, could there be two or even three columns? Or could we choose if we want one column, as is now, or expand it to two or three perhaps?

Or would it even be possible to move snapshots between the columns? If we work with combining patterns, we could actually have one column for hero images, as well as one for secondaries and one for blenders. Someone else might want to sort images by main colours in different columns.

If one could see more of what is already saved as snapshots, perhaps it would eliminate some duplicates (or close duplicates). I know I have happened to unintentionally save exact same snapshot more than once. P,erhaps the latest snapshots should be added from the top and not at the bottom in order to notice mistakes like that?

I am not a techie, do not even know if any of this is possible within reasonable means. Just wanted to throw it out there and see if it is only me who would find it useful.

Hi Maggie,

Do you know about the collection view? You may find this very interesting when you want to evaluate your snapshots. Check it out:

Also check out our more recent video about favorites. This can really help with the organization of your patterns:

Let me know if these tips were useful for what you are trying to achieve. :slight_smile: