A better way to find the tiling you're looking for?

Hi everyone!

First off… how do you typically select your tiling in Repper?
There are 3 ways:

  1. Pick from a list via the dropdown menu
  2. Pick from live previews in the tiling overlay (click the 4-squares button next to the tiling dropdown to open it)
  3. Use the [ and ] keys to switch back and forth between tilings

I tend to use the dropdown, but that’s also because I know the tilings inside-out (we made them, after all :wink:) The overlay with live previews makes it much easier to see what a tiling looks like, but it’s a looong list, can take a moment to generate, and doesn’t give me the nice big preview that hovering over options in the dropdown menu does.

What we want is a fast and low effort way to find the tiling you’re looking for, so I’m thinking:

  • Choose between seamless or seamed tilings (oftentimes, you’re looking for one or the other)
  • Filter by tiling aesthetic, the geometric shapes being the most prominent aspect (?)
  • A schematic preview that is easy to recognise, not dependent on your source image, and doesn’t take time to generate (like the pattern previews)

Here is an impression of how that could work:
(Note: this is a prototype, not in the actual app :slight_smile:)

I’d love to get your feedback!

  • What do you (not) like about it?
  • What are you missing?
  • Would you miss the current tiling dropdown view?

Thanks in advance for your input! :purple_heart:

I choose from the list & always seem to go for the Seamed (No pun). Having them separate would be helpful & I wish there were some new ones coming soon? Hint, Hint?
Love Repper!


I prefer the list but the problem i have with that is that it is too long. I work from a desktop and there is only but so much space the list can expand so when i get to the end you have to lift your cursor to use the scroll bar and then search for your current position again. A small but annoying thing. It would be nice if the list could be extended horizontally maybe.

Of course it would be faster to use the live preview and I do occasionally but overall i feel the preview is too small. I get a better idea of how the pattern will look when scrolling the list.

I do like the concept of using the shapes as long as the preview window stays the same.