Can Anyone Guide me with Advanced Patterns and Customization Techniques in Repper?

Hi everyone,

I am an avid user of Repper and have been thoroughly enjoying the tool for creating unique patterns. Recently, I have been delving into more advanced techniques and customizations, and I could use some advice from the community to push my designs even further.

I am particularly interested in exploring intricate and complex patterns. Does anyone have tips or examples of how to achieve more sophisticated designs? Any specific features in Repper that I might not be fully utilizing?

I would like to know more about customizing patterns beyond the basic settings. Are there any hidden tools or lesser known methods for adding unique touches to my designs?

I have been experimenting with integrating Repper designs into other graphic design software. Does anyone have experience with exporting patterns and enhancing them in tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop? Any best practices or workflows that you could share?

I am looking to get more creative with colors and textures in my patterns. What are some effective ways to experiment with these elements within Repper? Are there any external resources or plugins that you would recommend?

Also, I have gone through this post; which definitely helped me out a lot.

I am excited to learn from the experiences and expertise of this community. Any tips, tutorials, or resources you could share would be immensely appreciated. Looking forward to seeing your amazing creations and getting inspired by your ideas.

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.

Hi @samzyan! Wouter here, co-founder of Repper.

Great to hear you are enjoying Repper so much, and super that you are looking to go deeper into the art and possibilities of pattern-making.

In Repper itself, there are a bunch of features and techniques you could explore to make more advanced or diverse patterns:

  • The Metamorphosis effect lets you add lots of complexity and variation. I’m sure you’ve already found it :slight_smile: There is a linear and circular variant! They are not repeating in themselves (because they morph the pattern), but with a little technique you can make the seamless still (this video describes how)!
  • Some tilings are more complex than others. The Cross Weave and Persian Star have a lot of reflections, making the resulting patterns more intricate.
  • The Echo Tile and Echo Tartan have a lot of parameters, which gives you more control over the look of the tiling itself. This means that you are not just designing the pattern, but also the underlying structure of it!
  • Have you tried exporting a pattern in Repper and then uploading it again as a source image? This lets you create even more complex patterns by building pattern on top of pattern. This video explains it!

Part of deepening your pattern skills is not just in the techniques shaping your patterns, but also in finding the right source materials and how to combine patterns:

  • This is a video with the winners from our latest Pattern Collection contest. Lots of inspiration of what you can achieve with various source materials and combinations.
  • We made a whole video about how to combine patterns effectively, which I can highly recommend!
  • We’ve also got a mini-series coming up with different approaches to making your own source images (will be announced today!)

I hope this helps you find inspiration to go deeper and wider with pattern-making and Repper.

Take care!