Selling Repper Patterns on Print on Demand platforms

Hi! I was wondering if anyone has experience with using their patterns on products on P.O.D. (Print on Demand platforms (i.e. Society 6, Spoonflower , Zazzle etc.)? If so what type of products and what type of response have you gotten? Did you get any feedback from customers etc. I’m currently researching /planning how to utilize my patterns for home decor products primarily. I would love to hear about your experiences. I am also interested in whether or not you had any technical problems with resolution or uploading and how you solved those problems.


Great question, @Chris_craft! I will leave the answering to the real experts on this forum :slight_smile: But one tip I can give you: check out Mey’s YouTube channel and her Facebook Group Mey Tribe. @MeyAroyo creates lots of informative videos and discussions about print-on-demand. In contrast with many other video creators, she’s telling the honest story: the good, the bad, and the confusing parts of POD. Hope it helps!


Hi Wouter, Thank you for responding to my question. I am subscribed to Mey’s channel that’s how I found out about Repper. I appreciate her honesty and really enjoy her videos. She gives so much detailed information. But I’d appreciate hearing from more people doing P.O.D.

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Hi Chris! I have used the repper app for patterns in my Redbubble & on my Fourthwall site. I upload the patterns in a custom size & haven’t had any issues uploading to the sites. Sometimes the PNG files are big & I change them into a JPG, but that’s really it. Message me if you have any questions! Karen :smiley:


Karen I was on RedBubble the other day making a tshirt for my bf and I saw your products pop up. I said to myself oh i know her! Love your photos :star_struck:

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AWWWW! Thanks so much!! :heart: :heart: So glad to hear that people can actually see my work! Sometimes I think us little, non trendy artists are invisible!

yes i was very happy to see that they seem to give everyone equal visibility. I was in a rush to send a vday gift on time but i will be sure to follow you when i go back to set up my shop

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Thanks & make sure to send/post your new shop link so I can follow back! Looking forward to seeing your work!!