[Product update] We co-created this small but significant change with you

Hi there my dear friends!

Today we released a small but significant update. We’ve improved our sample selector to make it look more clear and better visible on all types of source images. Thanks everyone for brainstorming and giving us cool inspiration and feedback in this forum post. We really appreciate your feedback, suggestions and support! :blush: :pray:

My colleague Wouter made a cool video in which he explains how we got to the style of this new sample selector. Check it out here:

We also created a page on which you can see all updates of last year.
Hope you like it and any suggestions, questions or ideas are always welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As always I wish you a beautiful day, and happy patterning my dear friend! :star_struck:


Nice , like it very much, thank u

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